Les 12 heures de la BD amateure 2017

At the end of January the 12 hour amateur comic day happened; an event in which you have to make 12 comic pages during 12 hours. Of course it’s inspired by the 24 hour comic day, but we lazy-ass took it easy when we created it back in the day (hell, it’s already been 7 years!). More seriously, we just couldn’t take 24 hours off considering our jobs, so yes, we toned the challenge down a little.

What I remember from my first participation is… how easy it all seemed. I came without questions, tried to reach the goal : “make 12 pages !!”, and was happy when it was done.

And that’s how Mission : Life came to life in 2011.

The years came by, reaching the goal became “easy” (let’s rather say I became sure of my ability to make it) and other questions started to pop up : shouldn’t I try to reach a better result? am I not taking the easy path by always relying on an easy final twist to make sure the story created an emotional impact? so year after year I tried to have some new objectives such as “trying to make a slice of life story”, “not relying on a final twist”, etc etc.

Finale : let’s hatch for hours!

Last year I even decided to scrap the 12 hour constraint to be able to get a better graphic result. That was Finale, and while the result was polished, I thought it lacked in… whatever my first participations had. Boldness?

So this year I tried to come back to my old formula : a final twist, strong black and white contrasts. An easy recipe, but apparently, it’s one I like.

So Void was born, and I think it’s my favourite participation for this challenge so far. I even got attached to these characters, which is really rare for me.

I still admire authors who are able to create emotions without relying on twists though. One day I’ll have to get to it. In 12 pages though, it’s not easy.

► The 12 hour amateur comic day is a french yearly event which takes place at the end of January. French speaking people can get more information about it here.

► You can read the other contestants participations here (french only though).




  1. Plumy says:

    Je voyais venir la fin… ça m’a pas empêchée d’être toute “aaargh” XD Le pauvre gamin ;w;

    Perso je trouve que s’appuyer sur un twist final pour les 12h c’est vraiment pas gênant, c’est pas évident de faire autrement.

    J’aimerais participer de nouveau à ce challenge, un jour peut-être ></

    • Alhia says:

      Oui, ça ne m’étonne pas que ce soit prévisible (comment est-ce que ça pourrait finir autrement ? XD; ) mais je suis contente que ça n’ait pas empêché l’émotion finale ! >3< Merci pour le retour. Je croise les doigts pour les sessions suivantes ! Pas facile de caler 12h :/

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